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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 19

Ezra starts wheezing. He is unable to breathe because of

the pressure of Colt’s hand.

You can see the veins

popping from Colt’s arm showing how much force he is using on Ezra. Colt

suddenly lifts Ezra up by the


This is no small feet. Ezra is

an Alpha male wolf. All

Alpha male wolves are big, unlike female Alphas who

are normal size for


Colt swings Ezra and throws him. Ezra crashes through a set of doors, breaking them.

But as soon as Ezra falls to the ground, he gets right back up and lunges at Colt. Colt lifts his leg up and kicks

Ezra right on the chest as Ezra jumps in mid–air

towards him. It is with such

force that Ezra whines the

moment he hits the ground and though he tries to get up, he chooses not to.

“Stay down!” Colt shouts.

Ezra does just that. I am sure

he is hurt but he obeys more

because of the commanding

and seriousness in Colt’s


Colt looks at me with frantic

eyes. “Are you okay?!”

Feeling exhausted, all I can

do is stare at him as I take in

deep breaths still in my wolf


He picks me up and carries me up the stairs with ease.

He takes me to his room and

then his bathroom. He then

puts me inside the bathtub

and turns on the warm


“Shift, baby girl.” He says in a

soothing tone.

I do as he says.

I whine feeling the pain of my wounds shift from place as my b*dy returns to

human form. The moment I

have my voice back, I cry. The wounds are deep and really hurt but I will live. It is clear that Ezra was not trying to kill me though he could have even if it was by


“You are staying with me from now on.” He says as he

starts to clean my b*dy with

a small towel.

I am not even going to argue about it. Colt was right. I

think it’s the best. Seeing

Ezra like this scared me.

After he bathes me, he wraps

me up in a towel and then

sits me on the bed where he

patches my wounds with

gauze and tape. By

tomorrow it should be much


When he is done, he lays me

on the bed and covers me

with the bed sheets. Then he

lies behind me and hugs me.

“Is the door locked?” I ask


I am scared that Ezra is

going to bust in through.

“Yes,” Colt says.

That makes me feel a bit

better though it shouldn’t.

It’s not like a locked door is going to stop a werewolf

from breaking it down.

“Don’t worry, I am here. And

in three days, you won’t have to worry about any of it.”

“Why is that?”

“In three days I leave for the

city. I have business there for a few days and you are

coming with me.”

“What? The city?”

“Yeah. That’s why I was

talking to my dad. I knew I couldn’t just leave you here with Ezra on the prowl. So I am taking you with me.”

“I…I’ve never been to the


“Never?” He asks.

I shake my head.

“I rarely ever go out of the pack. James went to the small

town once nearby and took me and Lauren with him but that was years ago.”

“I guess that you are doing something new with me.” As he says this, he cuddles into

me. I have to admit, it is odd
to see him like this. Sweet

and loving. First is that no

one has ever treated me like

this and second is that since

he has been back, all I have

seen is what everyone else

sees in Colt. A stoic man who

does not show much

emotion. But when we are

like this, alone together, he is

so different. I love seeing this

side of him and I love that

am the only one who sees

this side of him.

I turn around and face him. I

see him getting close as if he is going to k*ss me but I put a

hand on his chest and hold

him back.

“You…you really want to be with me?” I ask him.

“Cass, that’s what I have been telling you all this time.”

“I know but, look, this is hard

for me to understand and

accept. No one other than

James and Lauren have ever

been good to me. No one has ever really wanted me. This is how I grew up and so it is hard for me to accept this.”

“I know. If you haven’t noticed, I try to be patient.” He says and smiles. “The truth of the matter is, I am

not going to force you to be with me. I want you and I am going to show you how much. I am not giving up. But I am not going to force you. Cass, I am never going to hurt you in the way Ezra does or the way I have

treated you before. I promise


“So…you are not playing games with me…” I say.

He leans in pressing his head

on my forehead. “No. Never.”

He says.

I nod. “Okay. Then, I will…try. I won’t push you

away anymore.”

His mouth curves into a big smile and he goes in for a

kss but I put a finger across his lp.

“Starting in three days.‘

“What?” He laughs. “Why three days?”

“Because we are leaving,


“Yes. Early morning in three days.”

“If you k*ss me right now, I bet you Ezra is going to bust through those doors.”

“Let him.”

“No. As much as I dislike

him, I am tired of the

fighting, and if I am

honest…I don’t want to hurt

anyone even if he does

deserve it.”

“But you will in three days?”

I am the one who laughs now. “Well, I won’t have to

see what it does to him and

at least he can’t get to me. It’s his own fault anyway. He

wouldn’t have to feel it if he

just accepted the rejection.”

“Agree.” He says and hugs

“So I have to endure it till

Friday…” He says.

“Hey, I did not say we were

going to do anything

anyway. Don’t get any ideas

there either, Sir.”

He laughs. “You–in only

that towel–give me plenty of ideas. Some require you to have those legs of yours stretch over my shoulders.”

F**k! Why does he say things like that?!

I hide my face and smack his

shoulder. That makes him


When he says things like

this, I imagine them in my

head and it makes me…

turned on. Werewolves have

a keen sense of smell and they can smell that shit.

“I should probably go home

and pack,” I say trying to

change the subject.


“Well…I have never had to

pack like this. I don’t have

much but I don’t know what

I’ll need. I need to make a


He stares at me and I can see

that he is about to laugh.

“Okay fine! It’s probably my nervousness and anxiety

kicking in. It can wait till tomorrow.” I admit.

I know it is dumb. Here I am

hurt and I am thinking of

going home and packing.

He chuckles. “It can wait.

Stay here with me.”

I close my eyes and take in a deep breath. “Mh…I do like it

here right now.”

“Then rest. Let me take care

of you now.”

I close my eyes for what I

think is just a moment but

when I open them again, it is


I lift my head up and see that Colt is lying next to me.

“I fell asleep,” I mutter.

Colt sirs. “Yeah…” He says with a groggy voice. He lifts his head up and looks at the

clock on the end table. “It’s

almost morning.”

“It’s morning?” I look at the

clock and see that it is five in

the morning.

Shit! I was knocked out.

He squeezes me settling back on the pillow but we slept for so long that I am not tired


I turn around finding a more comfortable position facing him. He opens his eyes and

those beautiful green orbs

stare at me.

“I wish I could mark you right now.” He whispers.

My eyes go round in a wide–eye stare. “You can’t.”

“I know. I’m saying I wish I


That would fix the problem. I probably would let him but it won’t. Until Ezra rejects me or accepts my rejection, I can’t be anyone else’s mate.

The mark he gives me would just be temporary and will

just make Ezra even angrier.

Maybe he’ll go mad with


This mate bond is such a

complicated thing.

He puts his l*ps on the top of

my head, nuzzling my hair,

and he k*sses.

Then he gets up and starts

taking his clothes off.

“Whant to take a shower with


“Nope.” I quickly say as he

dangles that sausage in my face.

He chuckles and mutters.

“Worth the try…”

“Funny.” I say with sarcasm.

When he turns around, I bite my l*ps unable to hide how

much I find him attractive

and how much I want him.

The man is a peace of art

even with all his scars. He is


I feel lucky that this man

wants me and it scares me

because luck has never been

on my side. Deep down, I know I deserve good things

and someone like him but

my stubborn brain

sometimes tells me


I wrap myself back up in his sheets feeling lonely now that he is out of my sight but taking in his scent that was

left. It makes me feel at

peace but still lonely. My

eyes open and I look up at the ceiling. Something

inside of me snaps.

“How stupid can you be?” I say to myself. “Hell yeah, I’m taking a shower with him!”

I get up and walk inside the

bathroom which now has

steam blurring my vision.

I quickly take my towel off–that I had slept in- and

the gauze off from my wound. With speed, I open

the door to the shower.

Colt looks back at me with

surprise. “You…changed your


I nod and quickly get in before I change my mind again.

“But you can’t touch me,” I tell him moving under the water and making him side–step me.

“I can’t touch you?” He chuckles from behind me

and immediately I feel his

hand on my hips.


“Relax. I am just checking

your wounds.”

“How do they look?” I ask.

“They must be deeper then

we thought. Still healing.” He


Thankfully, they don’t hurt much but it feels sore.

Colt’s l*ps suddenly are on

my shoulder.


“So…I can’t touch you, you

said?” He mutters in a husky

tone. His warm breath tickles

my skin.

“No.” I say with a stern voice.

“SHE walks in n*ked into my

shower and says that I can’t touch her…the audacity.”

I laugh at the way he talks as if he is narrating.

“Listen, Colt. I am serious. We can’t do anything.”

“I hear you, I just don’t

agree.” He says.

“Well, you can’t.”

Suddenly, he takes both my

hands and pulls them over my head, softly pressing my back against the wall. He holds my arms up with just

one hand. The action looks careless but he is actually

very gentle so as not to hurt

“C–Colt…” I whisper.

“What can’t we do?” He


His l*ps start to caress my

cheeks but he doesn’t k*ss.

They just softly slide on my


“No Kissing…” I say.

“No k*ssing…got it.” He

whispers as his l*ps slide

down my n*eck without


I am now unable to speak.

He closes his eyes while he continues to caress my bdy with his lps. he reaches my chest and goes down to my breasts. His lps, parted, slide down my skin. His warm breath gives me chills as he reaches my npples but he

doesn’t k*ss. He doesn’t touch

with his hands, just his l*ps.

I shiver, wanting him to

close his mouth around

them. I want him to k*ss lick

and suck but I told him not

to and now this feels like

torture. My skin prickles and my insides start to ache.

Letting my hands go, he finally leaves my breasts and travels down to my stomach, taking a knee and holding me by the hips. My hands

travel to his head where I

caress and tangle my fingers

in his wet hair. I am unable

to settle my breathing as my chest goes up and down.

His l*ps reach the bottom of

my abdomen which starts

leading to that sensitive area.

“That’s enough…” I force myself to whisper.

With hazed eyes, he looks up

at me. I can see how much

he wants me. This thrills me.

To have a man on his knees

like this. I almost feel wild.

He gets up and stands just inches away with his face staring down at me. He looks at my l*ps and I can see how

much he wants to k*ss me.

“Just know…that in my head I

am having my way with


I start laughing and now the

mood in me completely changes.

He smiles and hugs me.

“You torturess brat.” he

mutters but he doesn’t know

that it is torture for me too. “And I am soaping you up.”

“That’s the same thing as touching me!”

“No, it’s not cause I am just cleaning you.”

I have no time to protest anymore because he is

already lathering me in soap.

I shake my head and just let

him have this.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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