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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 20

“Wouldn’t it be better to eat in your room? I really don’t want to have to see Ezra.”

“He won’t be there. He never

eats at breakfast time

downstairs. Besides, you

can’t hide forever from him

and as long as you are with

me, I will not let him hurt

you. Needless to say, don’t come downstairs by


“Yeah, you don’t have to tell

me twice.”

“Tell me, Bryn, why

shouldn’t she come down

here? And mind you, choose

your words carefully.” He

tells her.

She opens her mouth but

closes it as she considers his

words. Irritation washes over

her face but she stays quiet.

“So Ezra is your mate?” Miles asks me bluntly.

It takes me by surprise but I lowly nod.

“Huh? Aren’t Alphas usually supposed to be mated to

strong she–wolves? Usually

Stepping through the dining room doors, I brace myself.

The room is full of pack

members and the moment

they see us, everyone quiets


Thankfully Ezra is nowhere to be seen here but Kaecy, Bryn, and Miles are here.

The tension and silence are


“Are you serious?” Bryn asks.

“What?” Colt asks.

“You are bringing her down


“Mh…after this…we should

take another shower


I roll my eyes at him. “WE just got out of the shower. I am clean enough.”

“Not the point.”

“I know your point. It was

hard enough as it was. Or do you like to be tortured?”

“No. So maybe you should

just give in.” He gives a

cheeky smile and wiggles his eyebrows.

“No.“I shake my head with a


Betas or Alphas? I get that it happens but it is not

common for an Alpha to be mated to an Omega.” He


I would take offense if he

didn’t seem genuinely


“Exactly why Ezra doesn’t want her.” Bryn mutters with a satisfied grin.

“You miss my point,” Miles says. “If she is mated to him,

there could be a reason for


A reason?

I had never thought about it like that. But there is nothing special about me so I don’t

see a reason.

“You always with your critical thinking. Always overanalyzing things.” Bryn

mocks him.

“Oh? Are you saying the

goddess makes mistakes?” He




Bryna and I say at the same


She looks at me and squints

her eyes. I give her a death glare and look away.

I think this is the only time we have ever agreed on anything. Ezra being my mate was a huge mistake on the moon goddess’s part.

“Let’s drop it.” Kaecy says.

“Yeah. I am tired of it.” Colt says as he puts a plate of food in front of me. “Eat, Angel.”

“Why do you call me that?” I ask him as I take my fork and start eating.

“Because that’s the first thing

that came to me when we

were in the dungeon. You were an angel sent to us. You kept us company, showed us kindness, and kept us fed when you could. You didn’t

have to do any of that but you did. You were our little

angel. Then again I might have been delusional…you know, no food and all.” He says and laughs and that makes me laugh too.

I finish my food as fast as I

can because I am tired of the

d*rty stares that pack

members and Bryn give me.

When Colt is also done, we

head out. I follow him

outside where we meet up

with Dash.

“Hey, you two. The talk of

the pack.” He says.

I groan. “Uh! Is it that bad?”

“Depends on which side you are hearing it from.”

“What do you mean?”

“The Gammas are bitter. The Omegas are mostly shocked.” He explains.

I sigh. “Great.”

Dash smiles. “So where are

we going?”


Colt turns to me. “Angel, I

have a meeting with my dad. Dash is here to keep you

safe. Do whatever you want but stay with him. I’ll catch up with you once I am done.”

“Really?” I ask feeling

annoyed by this.

“Sorry but if I ignore my

Alpha duties, Dad will not be

happy and we need him happy.”

True. As long as Colt is in his favor, I get to be with him.

“Okay but… hurry.”

He smiles. I am sure that

knowing I wanted him with me made him happy.

“Can I k*ss you yet?” He asks

before leaving.


He grunts, turns around, and

stomps away.

It makes me giggle. He looks

like an angry child.

“So. Where to?” Dash asks.

“Well, it’s either go to see my

sister or go back to Colt’s

room. I don’t feel like being

out here.”

“Oooh. I vote hot sister.”

I laugh as we start walking to

the house.

“Really? You do know that

she has a mate and is now


“Damn. Do you have any more sisters? Cause if they are half of what you are, I am in! Hell, I’d choose you as my mate any day. Too bad Colt got to you first.”

“What?!” I ask, laughing.

“Yeah, don’t tell him. He’d

kick my ass.

I smile. He is very funny. I

like him a lot.

“Hey, tell me more about your time with him with the enemy.”

He sighs. “You really want to

know about that?”

“Yeah. How did you guys meet?”

“Hm…well…we met while

being strapped to wooden

poles and having our backs

seared with burning whips.”

“Okay stop…never mind. I’m

sorry I asked.”

“Don’t be sorry.”

“How come…I mean…if the

Dark Fang Pack is as feared

and as strong as everyone

says, how come they have

not taken over all other

packs yet?”

“That is a complicated question. Right now…packs are divided. They only gather for parties and

statuses but they are not quick to form alliances. This is mostly because they are afraid to be targeted by the Dark Fang pack but if

pushed enough, they will do

exactly that. Form alliances.

The dark Fang pack knows

this so they take their time

and take things slow. They are conniving, have patience, and overall are very

deceptive. But…let’s not talk about that anymore. So, how about those sisters of yours,


I laugh. “I only have one.

The mated and pregnanat


“Aw dang it!”

All I do is laugh on my way

home because of him. He is a

breath of fresh air to me.

As I come up to the house, Lauren immediately comes out. “So! What happened?!”


“Yesterday! Colt sent word that you’d be staying with him but I am itching to know what happened after

you were chased by Ezra from here.”

“Ooh. Juicy gossip. I am all

for it.” Dash mutters.

We all go inside and I tell them what happened with the fight.

“I am glad that Colt is protecting you. He and the

Alpha are the strongest in

the pack.” Lauren says.

“So…Miss…Curl’s sister. Do

you have any sisters, or friends that might be single?”

“DASH! Really!?”

He starts laughing. “You can’t

blame me! This pack has

very beautiful women.‘

Lauren laughs and I just

shake my head.

After spending a good

amount of time there, Dasha

and I head out.

“So since now you are living in the pack house, do I get to come visit you?” Lauren asks

as she sees us out.

I am not able to respond to her because Dash interrupts

“Stay back, Cass.” Dash suddenly says when we step


“What? Why?” As I ask this, I

see why he says what he says.

Ezra walks in our direction

with Kaecy behind him

trying to reason with him.

“Cass.” Ezra calls for me.

I stay in front of the door

with Lauren behind me

ready to shut the door if

need be.

“Cass. Let me talk to you.” He


“Stay away from her.” Dash growls but Ezra ignores him.

Kaecy lightly touches Ezra’s

shoulder. “Ezra, let her be.

Give it time.”

“Time? Time for Colt to

sweep her off her feet?!” Ezra


Too late. He already did.

Dash stands in front of me

with his arms crossed in an

imposing stance.

“Cass…let me talk, please.”

“Ezra, I am not stopping you from speaking but there is

nothing that you can say that will change anything. What do you want from me at this point?”

This time, instead of getting angry and trying to take me by force, he falls to his knees looking defeated.

“I feel…like I’m dying.” He


“Then…accept the rejection.

Eventually, the pain will go


He is silent for a few seconds

until he slowly shakes his

head and whispers. “I can’t.”

With that, I step aside and

walk away.

Part of me does feel bad but

it is that part of me that cares

too much about others, even

when they don’t deserve it.

Dash and I silently walk

through the forest.

Seeing how Ezra acted this

time makes me hope that all

this will be over soon. He will

reject me and I will be done

with him.

“How dare you!“I hear the Luna shout, taking me out of my thoughts.

“My son spends most of his night in his room suffering

while you are out here

having the time of your life!

And then you turn him

down as if you weren’t the

problem of this all!”

Ugh! I don’t want to deal with her but this time, I

don’t keep my mouth shut as

I tend to do.

“I am pretty sure he did all this to himself.” I say.

She laughs. “Look at you, having the balls now to speak

to me like this! As if I was a

commoner like you! No. You don’t get to talk back to me!”

She tries to grab me by the hand but I quickly move

away, slapping her hand.

“How dare you!” She

screams. “GUARDS!”

Four guards immediately

emerge from behind her. “Take her away!”

“Don’t you dare touch her!”

Dash stands in front of me,

blocking me from the

guards. “She is under Alpha Colt’s protection and under

my care.”

“We don’t answer to him.

The guards say.

“They are my personal b*dyguards and only answer to me.” She says with a

mocking smile.

“Sorry, but I won’t let you

take her anywhere,” Dash


“Oh? Then you are going to fight me yourself? And all

my guards too? Are you

ready to bear the

consequences of fighting a Luna?” Three more of her

own guards appear.

It doesn’t matter I am under

Colt’s protection, this

woman still has power. I am sure the Alpha will not look kindly if Dash hurts her to

protect me.

I put a hand on Dash’s

shoulder and whisper.

“Don’t, Dash. Go find Colt


He turns to me. “Cass…”

“It’s fine. Just go fast.”

Grinding his teeth, he steps back letting the Luna’s men grab me.

“Good choice.” She mutters.

look back as I am taken and

see Dash immediately start running to the pack house.

“Colt won’t let you hurt me.” I say to her. “Do you really think he is not going to find


“won’t let me hurt you? It

doesn’t matter… if he can’t find you.”

I notice that I am being

taken into the woods.

Diferent directions from the

cells and the torturing


“You can’t do this! The Alpha

himself has not allowed this!”

I shout.

“My mate will forgive me. He always does.”

“But your sons won’t!”

“You really think that you are that special? They will forget about you eventually.” She


“No! Colt won’t let you-

“I will rid you of both my

son’s life.”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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