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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 21

“You are crazy! What kind of Luna are you?!” I shout at her but she makes no attempt to answer.

After a long walk into the

woods, we come across an area mounted with shrubs,

natural debris, and fallen

trees. Under these clutters

that the guards move aside there is a trap door. When

they open it, they carry me

down to what looks like a

bunker. It is clearly


They entrapped me to a wall

shackled in chains.

I realize that I am scared to

die because, for the first

time, I have something that I

truly want in my life. I want

Colt. I want what he offers

me. A life with a mate who
truly cares about me.

I look at her, determined to

buy some time. “What are you going to do? You kill me and Colt will never forgive you, Erza either! I am still his

mate and he will feel it in his


“You are the cancer to this

pack. If I allow you to go on, your influence will grow too powerful. And I don’t want you anywhere near my children. They will be upset, yes but eventually they will forget. I rather they hate me than to deal with you.”

“You are clearly not fit to be Luna anymore, mother.” Colt suddenly appears from the

shadows behind her.

“Colt!” I shout with relief.

“How?! How did you find this place? Not even your father

knows about it and so fast!”

He walks past her in my direction and starts to

meddle with my retrains.

“Mother…for the last three

years, I have been part of an elite tracking team for the Dark Fang pack. You could

not have been easier to track

even if you had left clues on purpose for us.”

I can see behind him Dash

with his arms crossed,

leaning on a wall, and a disapproving expression on

his face.

Colt releases my hands and

rubs my wrists. “Are you


I shake my head. “Nothing I

couldn’t handle. You didn’t

give them a chance to do more…thank you.”

He smiles tenderly, then leans forward and k*sses my head. I cling to him feeling the safety he emanates, never wanting to let go.

A frown suddenly tugs the corner of his l*ps and his

head slowly turns back to

look at his mother.

“Colt…listen to me! She will

bring this pack down! She

has you and your brother pinned against each other!”

“Mother…” His voice is void

of emotion and it scares even

me. “I love you…but my wolf will hurt you if you touch her again.”
Her face pales and her eyes widen. “You…you would hurt


“My wolf has taken to her. It will be instinct and you are asking for it. I warn you just

this once. Don’t make me do

something I don’t want to


“How can… how can you talk

to me like this?”

“Look at what you are doing.

How is this okay in your

mind?” he asks.

“Alice, what are you

thinking?! What is this

place?!” The Alpha suddenly

rushes in.

“I need to protect my children!” she screams.

“From this girl? What can this girl do? This is all drama

that will simmer down once

Ezra realizes the

consequences of his actions.”

Colt walks us past them.

“Excuse me Dad but I am

going to take her home.”

The Alpha nods as he

continues to try to talk some

sense to the Luna.

We leave them and climb up the hatch. Immediately Colt

picks me up and starts

walking back to the pack


“What is it with you always

carrying me?” I ask. “I can walk perfectly fine.”

“You are light. I like how you

feel in my arms when I carry


I don’t know why I am

complaining. I like How he

feels when he carries me too.

“Since you won’t let me be

inside of you or even touch

you, I’ll take what I can get.”

I gasp. “Shut up!”

He laughs.

“You act as if you still don’t


“Of course, I try. I want you so bad.”

He makes me blush. I hug him and hide my face but

that’s when I realize that

Dash is behind him with a


Uh! He probably heard all of


I smile at him. “Thank you,

Dash,” I say watching him as

he follows us.

“Yeah, you can thank me by dismissing me. I don’t want to have to listen to you two

talking all the way up to your room like this.”

“Thanks, Dash. You can go.‘

Colt says.

He finally smiles and

immediately walks away.

When we walk inside, we are

met with Kaecy who frantically shakes his head.

“Go! Please. He is looking

for…” He can’t finish. Ezra

rushes through the hall in our direction.

“Is she okay?!” he asks.

“Yes.” Colt answers in a cold


“Let me see her!”

Kaecy gets in front of him.

“No,” Colt replies.

“You can’t just take her! You can’t keep her away from


“I am fine, Ezra,” I say.

“You are MY mate!” he says.

He is starting to sound like a

broken record and still, I feel

nothing when he says these things.

Colt walks up the stairs ignoring him and leaving Kaecy to deal with him.

When we make it to his

room, I sigh in relief as he

lies me on the bed.

“Can we just go to sleep and let this day end?” I ask, feeling tired of it all.

He takes his shirt off and

drops himself next to me.

“Yes.” He pulls me in a hug and settles us comfortably

on the bed. “Let’s rest.”

I really do hope this all gets

easier. This is too much

stress for me and I hate it.

I am suddenly woken up by


“Mh. No.”

I hear him laugh. “No what?”

“No wake me…”

He laughs again. “You mean don’t wake you?”

I nod with my eyes closed.

“Get up, Angel. We are leaving.”

My eyes open and my head

props up. “Leaving? To


“To the city.”

“But I thought we still had

one more day?”

“With everything that has

happened, I think it is best to

leave early.”

I actually agree with him.

I nod. I get up and stretch as I watch him get up and head to the bathroom but he stops before closing the door.

“Shower?” he asks.

“No! Not this time mister.” I

immediately say.

I can’t. It was too hard to

resist him yesterday so I am

not risking it this time.

He grunts but closes the


I get up and turn on the light. That’s when I notice

my backpack in the corner

of the room.

I smile. Lauren must have

packed it for me.

I quickly change before Colt

finishes his shower. Then

check my stuff and make sure that everything I need is

in there and it is. Lauren

knows me very well.

When Colt finishes his

shower, he comes out with

just a towel on his waist. The

f**ker looks at me with a

smirk and suddenly drops

the towel. I feel a flush

creeping up my cheeks as

my eyes go round.

He strides to the closet in all

his n*ked glory. The

mountains of muscles on his

back, arms, and legs bulge as

he walks.

When he enters the closet,

that is when I feel like I can

finally breathe. I was

definitely holding my breath.

I close my eyes and take in a deep breath. This man is so good–looking scars and all.

He is perfect. He is much

bigger than all his brothers. Kacey and Ezra are tall but

have a smaller build. Colt is

much more buil on his

shoulders and deltoids as

well as his rib area. I am

finding out that I am liking

when he hugs me because I almost disappear in his arms.

He comes out dressed in a

half–suit. He doesn’t wear the

blazer but holds it hung over

his shoulder. He looks

deliciously handsome.

“Are you ready?” As he asks

this, a knock comes at the


Colt opens it and Dash walks

“F**king bastard. You didn’t tell me I was going to be

your personal butler.” Dash mutters as he stands in front

of Colt.

“Hey, you are welcome to leave the pack and do

whatever you want,” Colt


“And what the f**k am I

going to do?”

“Well, until I am Alpha, you won’t be Beta just yet. So you

just have to hang in there.”

Dash rolls his eyes and then looks at me. He grins. “Hey,

Curls! You, I don’t mind

catering to.” He says as he reaches for my bag.

He looks at Colt again. “Your brother has been actin‘ up all f**king night. Thank the goddess I am going with you

because otherwise, I’d kill him myself.”

Dash walks out muttering

curses under his breath. Colt

turns to me and takes my


“Let’s get out of here


I nod. “I want to stop at

Lauren’s first to say


“Okay.” He says now walking

down the stairs.

To my displeasure, the Luna is standing at the bottom of

the stairs.

“There you are. Wanted to

see you off,” she says as if yesterday didn’t happen.

Colt stands motionless

staring at her. She walks up the stairs and hugs him and

k*sses his cheek but he still

doesn’t move. Her eyes land

on me and she quickly looks at Colt again.

“For the loves of the goddess

Colt, please reconsider. This girl-”

“Stop. You have no say in any

of it.”

“I just don’t get what is your infatuation with her! And

how in the hell can she be

mated to Ezra?! That makes

no sense! He is of Alpha

blood! You are of Alpha

blood! You should have

someone better.”

“Enough…” he growls in a low

tone. It is not intimidating

but it has a warning in it and

she shuts her mouth. I can

see she wants to say more

but she doesn’t.

“Let’s go.” he says pulling me away and ignoring her.

I smirk to myself but it is not

because of Colt’s reaction to

her. It is because her words

don’t hurt me one bit and I

am glad that I have grown this much. I don’t care what

anyone says about me


The car is already waiting for

us in the front. We see Dash

putting our bags in the trunk

of the car and he does not

look happy. It makes me laugh.

Colt pulls me away from the car and into the direction of

Lauren and James’s house.

She is already up and when

she sees me, she

immediately hugs me.

“Have fun, okay? You deserve good things in your life. So enjoy this.” She says.

I hold her tight, nodding.

“Do not have that baby of

yours until I am back,” I say

now touching her stomach.

She laughs. “I still have a few months to go, not a week, so

I am sure you’ll be here just

in time.”

I look back at Colt. “How

long will we be gone?”

I never asked.

He nods. “Well be out there

for just a few days. Three to four, max.”

Lauren hugs me again. “Get that coochie slammed good.

You need it.”

I gasp pulling away from her

feeling horrified and she

starts laughing.

I look back at Colt and I can tell he heard. He is looking away with a grin but tries very hard to hold his laugh.

“Let’s go, now!” I say sprinting away.

I look back at Lauren with

squinted eyes and eyebrows

knitted but all she does is


Walking through the woods, Colt clears his throat ready to say something. I know it

has to do with what Lauren


“No. Shush!” I say before he

says anything and he starts laughing.

Back now at the car, Dash

leans on the car.

“Let’s go already,” he says.

“You are in a great mood today,” I say.

He sighs. “PMS.”

“What?! Stop it! I wish you’d actually felt that so you can know how not a joke that is.”

He laughs.


“No. Shush!” I say before he

says anything and he starts laughing.

Back now at the car, Dash

leans on the car.

“Let’s go already,” he says.

“You are in a great mood today,” I say.

He sighs. “PMS.”

“What?! Stop it! I wish you’d actually felt that so you can know how not a joke that is.”

He laughs.

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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