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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 7

“He…hates you…” he mutters pondeing my answer.

Still looking into his eyes, I continue. “He says I am an embarrassment…among other things.”

“And you haven’t accepted his rejection?”

“You assume he rejected me. It’s more the other way around. He won’t reject me or accept my rejection even though he doesn’t want me.”

“Who the hell is your mate?” I suddenly hear Dash from behind Alexis. “What a f**king prick! Tell me who it is. I’ll kick the living shit out of him!”

“You’ve been awake this whole time…” I mutter and I would squint my eyes at him if I could but instead, I close my eyes riding another wave of pain and once it’s done, I take in a breath of relief.

“I’m a Runt. He’s one of the sons of the Alpha.” I explain. “I have to admit, that is not a good match at all.” I lower my head. “Maybe this is all a joke the moon goddess has played. To be mated to one of my childhood bullies….how funny is


“You are mated to an Alpha?!” Dash asks with surprise.

He has every right to be surprised. These things don’t happen often. The Omega Runt of the pack being mated to an Alpha, it is unheard of but it does happen. and this is why Ezra hates it.

When I look up, Alexis stares at me with a bit of shock as well which surprises

“I…I am sorry.” he says.

His response confuses me.

“You….are sorry? Why?”

“Cass…” The way he says my name sounds so familiar to me. As if I have known him all of my life. I feel a connection to him and it draws me in.

But why?

“You don’t deserve to be treated like this…” He whispers.

He looks away and gets up, letting the rag on his crotch fall. I quickly look away

but not before I get a good look at his buns when he turns and walks to the cell bars.

I swear I can hear Lauren whisper in my ear as if she was here right now. Something along the lines of “I’d eat those buns every damn morning if I could.”

“My goddess Cass! Not the time and place!” I say in my head to myself.

“Guards.” Alexis calls into the hall.

The guards walk over.

“She is done with me.” he says.

“But I am not.” I utter.

He ignores me as they get him out and take him back to his cell.

I can tell that he is not up for any more conversation as he settles in his usual


“Here. At least clean those wounds yourself.” I say giving him the rag from in

between the bars.

He takes it and gives me a nod.

I lie back down trying to sleep but my mind is filled with him, them. How can these men be the enemy? They are from one of the most feared packs in the country yet, they don’t act like monsters. They even treat me better than my own pack does.

The next morning I wake up to clean up again. Now I clean the rogue’s cell since he never came back and then the other guys are moved from their cells for me to clean as well. In the afternoon, I head to the kitchen to get a tray of food. I am surprised that I am still allowed to move around like this after everything I said. to the guards last night. But they did tell me that the others won’t eat for another three days so this will only be for me.

“Here you go.” Matilda hands me my tray of food. I look inside and see enough for myself.

“Thank you.” I smile and watch her leave but I can’t do it. I can’t go and eat in front of them while they are being starved.

It is dinner time so most of the cooks are in the dining room serving the food. I look around and right in the corner, I spot a basket of apples.

Chapter 7

Without even thinking twice I make my way to it. My heart beats as if it were to escape my chest. When I see none of the remaining cooks looking at me. I take a few of the apples and put them inside my tray, quickly closing the lid.

I run out of the door and out to the back.

“Watch it, runt!”

I immediately lift the tray and avoid slamming into Bryn and Kaecy.

Bryn pushes me to the ground but I hold my tray as if my life depended on it. My knees and elbow get scraped and my hip gets a good beating as it hits the ground.

“Watch where you are going, idiot!” she shouts.

“S–sorry.” I quickly say.

Not something I would say to her in fact, if I was really angry, normally I would get up and push her back but I don’t want them to see what is in my tray so I bite.

my tongue.

She looks at me with confusion cause I am sure she was expecting a fight back.

“I don’t have time for this, Bryn!” Kaecy says: “Godammit! Why do I have to attend these damn meetings?!” Kaecy ignores the situation and dashes off.

Bryn suddenly ignores me too and runs after Kaecy. “Because you are going to be Alpha…”

They completely forget about me and I am so grateful.

As fast as I can, I get up and head back to the dungeon. I go past the guard who doesn’t even bother to look at my tray and I rush down the cells.

When I get to my cell, the food is all mushed up together but it doesn’t matter to me. I take the apples–I think I took too many- and show it to the guys.

“Here. Quickly!”

Dash gasps. “You are a saint, Curls!” He quickly takes them and then throws some to the other guys in the cell in front of them.

“You could have gotten in trouble.” Alexis says.

“Yeah, I almost did.” I say c giving my attention to my food.

“Is that how you got all that?” He points to my wounds.

Chapter 7

I nod at him as I start eating. “Compliments of the Alpha’s daughter. A real b*tch. Luckily she didn’t get a look inside the tray.”

“But you got hurt.”

I shrug. “So, it will heal.”

“Don’t do it again.” he says with a stern voice.

I am very confused by this. I put my food down and put a hand on my hip. “Excuse me but I do what I want when I want. And if I want to get you guys food so that you don’t starve, then I will.”

I have no idea why I feel comfortable enough to talk to him like that but I just did. Maybe it is because there are bars separating us.

Dash laughs but Alexis does not find it so amusing. At least, I don’t think he does. because he has his stoic expression on again.

I go back to my food but Alexis stares at me the whole time, even when he eats his apple. I do my best to ignore him like I tend to do.

Night comes but this time, the guys have a bit more energy thanks to those


“That’s because you fuck anything that has a whole!” Dash says to Quinn.

“Shut the fuck up. I do not.”

“Yeah, you kind of do.” Peter says. He and Dash start laughing.

They started talking about their S*xual venture to which I just listened and I have to say, I am a little bit disgusted.

“What about you, Curls?” Dash asks.

I turn my head away from him. “No. Don’t you dare ask me about that.”

He laughs. “A virgin then,”

“No! Didn’t say that…shut up!” I say with panic and look flushing.

with panic and look away with my


They laugh but I am not going to admit to not having done the deed and with

way these guys talk, I am glad I haven’t.

the way

Steps walking in the hall make us all quiet down.

To my displeasure, it is Niles. The old nasty man.

He walks to my cell and leans his shoulder on one of the bars giving the guys his back. He bites the nail on his thumb as he stares at me.

Damn it. It must be his turn to work tonight.

I stay quiet, not wanting to engage in conversation.

“My offer still stands you know. After this punishment. I can take you as my


I keep quiet.

“No one will bother you then.” he says.

“No.” I softly say.

“No wants you. Are you saying you rather be alone forever?”

Yes. I say again in a soft voice.

You know, I am getting tired of hearing you refuse me! You won’t get a better offer from anyone else.”

“I am okay with that.” I say.

You’ll be alone forever. No one else wants you.

“I am okay with that.” I repeat.

He now looks angry, and he is about to say something else but a sudden low growl makes his n*eck yank back. Alexis and Dash have murderous stares.

My eyes widen as I feel a sudden surge of power from their cell. I have not felt this one bit since I have been here. But in an instant, it is gone and it feels like I almost just imagined it.

Niles snarls at them but he doesn’t seem to care. He starts walking away but gives. me one last look. “I am not taking no for an answer any more you little b*tch.” He says before he disappears into the hall.

I suddenly feel unsettled. He seemed really angry this time.

“What a creep.” Dash mutters.

Damn it. I can’t catch a break.

As the evening progresses, I can’t sleep. I am a bit worried about having Niles. guarding us.

Chapter 7

There is silence. Everyone is asleep and because of this, I can suddenly hear


I panic and sit up but the moment I do, I am grabbed and pulled to the bars.

My eyes meet green ones.

“Alexis?” I whisper.

He holds me by the n*eck. One squeeze and I am done for.

“Cass…” he whispers.

I am in shock.

“What…what are you doing, Alexis?”

“You want to be cheeky with me?” he asks.


“If you talk to me the way you did before, then you have to deal with the


Is he talking about the apples and what I said to him?

“Can you handle the consequences for that?” he asks. He does not sound angry at all but he does look serious.

My l*ps quiver. Even with these bars between us, this man could kill me just like that if he wanted to, and though I am scared, I still don’t feel like he wants to

hurt me.

His hand loosens but travels up where he gently cups my chin. I can easily move. back and get away from his grasp but I feel paralyzed. Suddenly, his finger slides. across my l*ps in a soft caress. I am a bit embarrassed to admit to myself that I like what he is doing.

His eyes go to my lps. “I…could kss you right now.”

His voice is low and husky.

My mind is blank. I don’t know what to say but I do not hate the idea.

He starts to get closer to the bars and moves my chin closer to him.

“Would you like that?” he whispers.

His warm breath tickles my l*ps and my skin shivers.

Chapter 7

“Why…would you want to?” I ask unable to say that I do want him to kss me. I want his lps to trap mine in ways that no one else has ever done.

“Why would I not?”

“Because… I am unwanted by the men in my pack.”

“Men? They are not men. You have been dealing with boys. I am no boy.”

That makes me shiver even more and now I feel a burning sensation in the pit of my stomach. I suddenly want this man to take me completely. To reck me beyond anything I can imagine and I have a feeling that he could.

I look at his lps. I want him to crush his lps on mine. I feel almost desperate for his warmth, his touch. I have no idea what is happening to me because I have never felt like this before. I have never wanted a man so much as I do now. Not even Ezra when I found out he was my mate.

He suddenly looks behind me and immediately lets me go.

I am so disappointed.

I turn and see Niles.

He looks pissed. Who knows how long he has been there.

With rushed movements, he walks to my cell and opens it.

“The Luna and Alhpha want to see you.” His voice seems forced.

I am confused when he says this.

“Now?” I ask.

“Yes.” he says with a stupid smile on his face but I can tell it is forced.

It has to be one or two in the morning. Something is not right here.

I slide back until my back touches the wall. I shake my head saying no.

“You are refusing an order?”

“Tell them I refuse. They can punish me if they want.” I say.

He looks even more pissed now and he growls.

“Always so outspoken and unruly… can’t follow f**king simple orders!” He says.

“They…didn’t ask for me, did they?” I ask seeing through his deception.

Chapter 7

He lunges at me. He grabs my arm and starts pulling me out of the cell. “You’d give yourself to a scum like that but not to me!”

“NO!” I scream. “LET ME GO!”

“DON’T TOUCH HER!” Alexis shouts.

He hits the bars with his b*dy as he attempts to grab Niles with his arms in between the bars but he is a few inches too far.

“You won’t refuse me tonight!” Niles growls out. “You are mine! No one else can have you!”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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