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Scarred Alphas by Norisha May Chapter 66

Chapter 66

Is she…is she really saying what I think she is saying?

That can’t be…I think back

on the past month and realize…that my period has been late…how stupid can I

be?! How did I not realize?!

Oh my–no…this can’t be!

Kanda sees the panic on my


“What is it?”

“I…no…I can’t…”

Not now. Not while I am in


“Did you not suspect it at

all?” She asks.

“No! I…I’ve been so out of

touch with myself lately. I…I just can’t imagine it.”

Is this really…real?

I mean…how dumb am I? I

know how babies are made

so how stupid can I really

be?! How did I not think that

having constant s*x with

Colt would not result in this?

Not once did I give

protection a thought. I am

not sure he even thought

about it either. We both have

been in this blissful little

bubble. Like two idiots.

I am in deep shock. I am not sure I am ready for this, actually, I AM NOT ready for this, to have a…baby. I can’t even imagine myself right now going through that.

My thoughts are suddenly

consumed by Lauren and

how much she wanted to

have a child. How she didn’t

get to live her dream because of my own mate, or rather the man that was supposed

to be my mate.

But…what am I going to do? I am in this place…fighting. I

even have a fight tonight.

This can’t be good for…the baby.

It is so weird to think this. To

think that there is a tiny

thing growing inside of me.

It feels so…surreal.

I have to get out of here! Now more than ever, I need

to get out. But how?

I can’t keep waiting and hoping that Colt will come for me. What if they never do? What if they never find

out where I am? What if I die

in that damn arena before

they can find me?

No. I can’t just leave it to

someone else.

I find myself looking around. I don’t know why or what for but I just am. Unable to see anything that can help, I sit

back down but continue to

try. My hands slide up to the mask on my eyes. I pull on it but it is tightly stuck on me yet it doesn’t hurt anymore. I

touch the sides where the

bolts are.

“Kanda. What do you think would happen if I ripped this

mask off of my face?”

She looks surprised at the


“I am not sure. I assume it

would be painful.”

“Yeah, but do you think I

could survive it?”

“Well…I don’t know. But with

your super healing, it is a

huge possibility that you

would. That mask does not

seem to be silver so your

wounds would heal fast.

“Unfortionetly not the bone.”

I mutter.

I sigh.

It’s not like that is going to

help much anyway. I can’t

use this damn power on


What is wrong with me? Why can’t I use it like I

should? Is it normal? I

remember Honora saying something about my powers. Could her magic help?

My eyes go down to my stomach remembering that I am…might…be pregnant.

I am in and out of thoughts throughout the day. That is

until I hear an unwelcoming


Without thinking, I get up and rush to the corner behind Maribel who again all day sleeps under her blanket, away from the bars.

Ezra and the witch walk in with a few guards greeting


I stay away from the bars,

close to the wall that is

connected to the latrine. It is

as far as I can be from him.

There is no way that he

won’t recognize me if he sees

me from close.

“This is entertainment!

Maybe we should build one

of these too. Use it for

punishment instead of just

killing. What do you think,


Hearing him talk about killing makes my blood boil.

He killed Lauren. He killed

my sister. And he is just a few feet away from me unaware

of who I am. If these bars

were not there, I would

dismember him right now.

“That is a clever idea, my

love.” The


Love? So they are screwing

each other.

His eyes are set on Kanda. “I

want her. a warrior like her in my army would do some serious damage.”

“Maybe you could negotiate with Alpha Zao?” The

woman says.

“Maybe…” He turns around

and now stares at the

direction of the fighting pit.

“Imagine it…Sienna. Imagine

my brother fighting in here every single day with no hope of ever getting out until

one day he is finally killed.

All this while he sees

Casseopea next to me by my


“By your side? I thought you

wanted her dead?” The

woman asks.

“I…do. I want them to suffer

first. I’d make her my whore

until I am tired of her. She’d

watch him fight for his life

while he would watch her

being mine.”


“You know what I mean!” He

snaps at her.

The delusion on this man.

He is so poisoned by hate and anger. I can relate

because I feel the same

towards him.

I watch them walk away.

“What is it with you?” Kanda


I think she has been

watching me this whole


“You know that man?” She


I sit down and nod. “It’s a

long story.”

“Well, it’s not like we don’t

have all day and night here doing nothing.”

“Alright, alright.”

I tell her my story.

Of course, she is shocked but also now understands my


“So what am I supposed to do now? How can I fight in there knowing that…I am-”

“Just like you have been doing all this time.” She cuts me off. “You have to fight,

there is no other choice. So

you do what you need to do

to survive.”

I know she is right. But it is so hard now knowing that it

is not just about me anymore. My body doesn’t just belong to me now. It is housing a living being that relies on me to keep it safe.

Kanda suddenly points at

Honora who walks towards

our cell. She looks at the

guard near us before she speaks.

“I had to come see you

before I left.” Her voice is


“You are leaving?”

“Yes. But I couldn’t leave just

yet. Listen…I told you this

before. I could sense a

blockage inside of you and I am afraid that it might have been my doing.”


“It has to do with your



She nods. “I can’t explain right now but, I am leaving you with something. Keep it on you, it will help with your power but it is only


She gets close to the bars and

whispers. “Choke me.”

“What?” I am confused.

“Do it.”

“You have some weird kinks.”

I say and then I rush in and

take her by the n*ck but I

make sure that I really don’t

hurt her.

Guards quickly move and pull her away but not before she puts something in my


Hiding it, I put my hand


“I’m fine! I am fine!” Honora

pushes the guards away.

“Do not get close to the prisoners!” The guard says.

“Yes! I got it!”

She pats her dress and then

walks out but outside, she is

suddenly apprehended.

“The Alpha wishes to see

you.” A guard says.

“Me? Why?” Honora panics.

They don’t respond and drag

her away.

No! Why are they taking her!? Oh no! She’s my only



“I know.” She nods watching as Honora is dragged away.

“What is happening?”

“I don’t know.” She says.

I sit on the ground with my hands covering my face. I feel hopeless. I then open my eyes to look at what is in my hand.

A golden triangular

pendulum. Like an

upside–down pyramid on a golden chain. The pendulum has tiny white opals in the middle of each triangle face.

I put it around my n*ck and hide it under my clothes. Immediately I feel it warm up. It is a cozy feeling, not painful at all.

The rest of the day, that is

how it feels. I wonder how

will it work. She didn’t really

give me instructions.

An hour passes and we are

finally taken to the barracks.

“Kanda, should I use

something sturdier to

protect my stomach?”

“No. Don’t make it obvious.”

Sheril–who has been added

to the fight–looks at me with confusion. “Why would you use something heavier? You have been doing good

with what you have been

using already. Stick to it.”

I sigh and nod.

Maribel is also here. She

wears the same rags we

always wear and has that huge sword she had


“How strong are you?” I ask


“As strong as you.” She says.

“Huh? Interesting.”

“But the longer I go without

blood, the weaker I am.” She


“So you are a half–vampire.” Sheril says. “I had my suspicions.”

We sit and talk but I can’t

really get into the

conversation much. The

worst thing about this all is

the waiting.

Finally, the guards arrive. It is like a double–edged sword. I don’t want to fight but at

the same time, the

excruciating wait is over.

“Nubian Pharoah and the

Persian Princess are up.”

If I am honest, I have been lucky that all this time it has been double teaming. With Kanda on my side, I am sure

we’ll win.

We walk out and up to the arena where just like before, people cheer and the

announcer, presents us.

“There they are.” I say

looking up at Zao with Ezra

and Sienna.

“Look at them. If only I

could fly. I’d kill them all.” I


Kanda chuckles. “Use that

anger for this fight. How

about I hold them down and

you take them out?”

“Let’s make it as painless as

possible. I don’t enjoy this


She nods.

We stand there waiting while

the announcer continues to


We wait and wait some more looking towards the opening

of the second barracks where

our opponents are supposed

to come from but no one

walks out.

“Oh no! Ladies and

gentlemen. Two of our

favorites will be going

head–to–head! What


“What?!” I look at Kanda who

looks at me with shock.

“What does he mean?”

Kanda and I both look

around at the people who

stare at us as they cheer.


“We…we are fighting against each other…” Kanda says.

She takes a few steps back

and gets in position.

“No! Kanda! We can’t!”

She has a serious expression and looks ready to fight. “I

am sorry. I cannot lose.” She



“Ready yourself!” She shouts.

My lips quiver but I do as she

says. I get into a defensive


“Fight me, Casseopea. Fight me with all that you have

and don’t hold back!”

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

Scarred Alphas Novel by Norisha May

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