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The Rejected Delta’s Secret Pups Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Just as I expected,she didn’t tell the alpha about the children. Poor man,what will he do if he discovers that the children are his?,I chuckled at that thought,It would be fun to see Lucien in pain knowing that I have his pups and I could kill them if I wanted.

‘Where is the little wolf right now?‘ I questioned the man sitting beside me,I selected him to be my right hand man as he was more suited for this job,he was ruthless and competent.

‘In her home I believe,after she left the hotel,she went straight home,it seemed she had a fight with the Alpha‘

I grunted. Alpha?,He will soon be a dead man, I will be the Alpha!. My wolf growled. at that thought,He didn’t want to be sneaky,but he had to understand I was doing this for him,for us,to get what is rightfully mine!.

“Have you noticed anything strange?” I asked my right hand man,looking at hist face.

He looked like he was carefully selecting his words as he opened his mouth and sighed before speaking.

“I’m not sure,but it seems like their mate bond is growing again.”

I furrowed my brows in confusion, Lucien had said that his mark had been removed,that should break any sort of connection between them,why turn will not their bond grow again?, that’s impossible!.

“Are you sure about that?”

“As sure as I can be. He is in love with her and she feels the same for him.

I scoffed. I know very well that he was in love with her,he didn’t hide it,but she couldn’t feel the same way towards him,she couldn’t possibly forget about the rejection and humiliation she suffered seven years ago!. It was I who stopped her from committing suicide,immediately I found out she was carrying Lucien’s children.

I have that gift,I can smell a pregnancy of even a week old.

‘If that’s true,then everything is about to go wrong, schedule a meeting tonight,I



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Chapter 8



want everyone of our allies to be here‘,I said sighing heavily and raking my hands through my hair as I thought about the best course of action.

‘Yes‘ He replied and was about to leave when I stood up,blocking his way.

‘You will reply to me with ‘Alpha‘ when I speak to you!‘ I thundered and he nodded before scurrying off.

‘Alpha‘ I heard a familiar voice say before chuckling and I turned and was faced with those icy blue eyes I know all too well.

‘Darling!‘ I exclaimed as I gently lifted her soft hands to my lps,planting a warm kss.

My wolf growled in happiness and screamed ‘mate,mate. I chuckled as I wrapped my arms around her soft skin.

I couldn’t believe it,I thought I had lost her forever,that she would be killed before. I could rescue her. but here she was,in front of me!. ‘I thought I’d never see you again!‘ I said huskily as I leaned in,our l*ps meeting and tongues tasting each. other,She smelled so good,like Lavender. We pulled apart to catch our breath and went to sit.

Rielle and I were destined to be together by the moon goddess. We’ve been friends since childhood and one day we found our wolves and found out that we were mates,but She said she couldn’t be with me, as she was fated to be a luna and I wasn’t an Alpha. I promised her that I was going to be an Alpha and I would come back to take her and we would lead together.

She had other plans,She got married to Lucien and took potions and herbs to avoid getting pregnant and then she poisoned him, for me!. She risked her life for me! and I couldn’t help her. So I decided that it was time to take back what was mine,I fastracked my plans,but I still felt bad about losing her,especially as I had to obey the Alpha and lock her up.

My wolf was in pain,but there was nothing I could do but hope that I’ll be fast enough to rescue her.But here she was,she was strong and brave and I am going to protect her from today,I promise.

‘How did you get away?,How did you even know where i am?‘ I asked as we sat down,wondering how she had gotten away from the most secure cell in silverpine community.how she was able to leave with all those many guards watching and the


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Chapter 8

people of silverpine wanting her death after trying to murder their Alpha.

‘A long story my love,a very long story for another time. But I know everything, I’ve known for a while that you’ve been plotting against the Alpha,that was why I tried to help you by speeding up the process. And my wolf always knows where her fated mate is. Tell me,what has been happening?”

‘A lot!. Lucien is now fully healed and will go back to the community soon. I have his children now too,but he’s still in the dark as to whose children it is‘ I narrated. to her as she fiddled with my finger,creating a subtle connection of affection.

‘Does he suspect anything?”

‘He knows it was a wolf attack,He claims he’s never picked up such a scent,unsure If it’s a pack member or a rogue‘ I replied with a smile, Imagining Lucien’s pain on not knowing how to get revenge for the woman he loves.

Rielle scoffed, why is he so bothered about the children if he believes they’re humans?‘

Oh!.she didn’t know, Rielle detests anyone hurting a female, she would get mad at me for allowing that to happen.

“The men I sent didn’t just take the children…they killed the little wolf’s Mother.”

“You did what?!” She yelled and dropped my hands, I swallowed hard.

“I didn’t do anything. I didn’t send them to do that!. They said she was fighting.it was an accident”

“Killing a woman,an accident!. What happened to momentarily incapacitating her while they took the children?!”

I sighed heavily, I needed to find a way to calm her,quickly.

“I will punish them for that,properly,but we have other urgent issues. Before she died,she told Amara about us,the blood creek. I don’t know how she heard that,maybe the idiots I sent opened their mouths”

She paled and eased back onto the sofa, “What the hell!!”

‘I have requested for a meeting tonight of everyone of our allies,we need to make Lucien come back to silverpine without her,that way we would finish him off



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Chapter 8

quickly before he finds out about us or she finds out about her true lineage‘

“And if she were to come back with him?”

‘She won’t. She’s a successful medical doctor here, there is nothing that should take her out of the human territory‘. I said. A feeling of uncertainty coursed through: me,what if she really is in love with him and decides to follow him back to silverpine?.

But She was a good doctor even though she sometimes used potions from silverpine community to treat her patients,but she was good. She wouldn’t want to go back to silverpine,not after everything she endured there,Kevin’s

betrayal,Lucien’s rejection and how she almost ended her life after she found out about the pregnancy.

“What if she comes because of her children?‘ Rielle asked,breaking my chain of thoughts.

‘If she’s smart,she won’t and Lucien believes that the people He’s looking for are here!‘

‘if you say so then. I need to take a nap,its been a long day for me and all these information, I need to sleep she said and moved into a room,I wondered how she knew it was mine,but just realised that she was strong,she must’ve detected that the room had the strongest smell of me there.


I glanced at their faces,everyone of them who has decided to support my claim as alpha. A few were surprised to see Rielle seated beside me.

“I know you are all surprised to see me‘ Rielle began as she stood up and faced them before continuing, ‘I know you all didn’t expect me here either but I’ve always been here,fighting to take back what is mine. Now’s the time for every one of us to act our parts. We need to make sure Amaranever returns to silverline,no matter what.”

They cheered as she finished speaking and my eyes scanned the crowd for an important face. He wasn’t here and I beckoned to my right hand man to come closer as I whispered something to him and he whispered something back which made me nod with a smile. Everything was falling into place.

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Read The Rejected Delta’s Secret pups Novel by Golden After Amara, a seemingly lowly omega is cheated on by her boyfriend, she has a little too much to drink at a party and ends up having a one night stand with the Alpha Lucien of her pack. She discovers that she has found her wolf after the encounter and realises that the Alpha is her mate.


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